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The concept for our franchise model, Roadhouse Pizza is primarily focused as a community based Pizzeria, where we would like to create a unique identity with that specific community with our signature pizzas and more.

Roadhouse Pizza is an extension of the Roadhouse Group which is now made available to the people of being able to own the restaurant of the pizza place you once loved going to as a child. Being able to create and share this experience with those who have loved the brand since its establishment in 1992.

The design and structure of each franchise outlet has its own unique charms though you will see certain brand identifiers along with the design. All designs have been carefully curated and visioned by the Roadhouse Group as its made minimalistic yet has a pop of modern essence which can be seen in the designs of the outlets.


Located in the hub of the busiest sectors in Kathmandu, the Battisputali based franchise location stands out amongst the crowd of commercial buildings surrounding the area.


Roadhouse Pizza is located in one of Lalitpur's most vibrant and upcoming communities, Bhaisepati, within the Avas Gate area, alongside a plethora of other commercial establishments.


It is well-known among both tourists and locals for being located in one of Kathmandu's areas with rich culture and heritage.

  • Basantapur one
  • Basantapur two
  • Basantapur three